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Our Process

Your Full Kitchen Renovation, From Start to Finish

At Simple Kitchen, we’re acutely aware that your life is totally disrupted when you don’t have access to your kitchen. That’s why we’re committed to offering all of our customers a blazing fast kitchen remodel. For most customers, we can get it all done in a week.

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Remodeling Stages

From the first contact by a potential client, to the unveiling of the finished product, Simple Kitchen is a remodeling contractor that keeps the process moving and makes sure you’re informed at every step along the way. Our six-step process is just one of the tools we use to ensure everything goes perfectly!


After we make contact and get a sense of your priorities, the first step is an in-home consultation by our expert kitchen design consultant. Our consultant, a full-time Simple Kitchen employee, will get all your priorities together, as well as the necessary dimensions, then bring them back to our office to work on a plan of action. By using a full-time consultant, we are able to integrate design and production and value-engineer the process from the very first visit.


Our design consultant will put together an in-depth computer model of your proposed kitchen design, letting you see every feature and how it will fit into your kitchen space. Then we’ll work up a price quote and design timeline, and send it over to you for your review.

Showroom Visit

Next, we’ll have you pay a visit to our showroom in Hilliard, Ohio. You’ll have a chance to explore in person all the options we make available to you, deciding on styles and materials, before making your final decision on the renovation. One stop, and you’re done!

Orders & Preparation

Once you give us the go-ahead, our team will do a full re-measure of your home to make 100% sure everything we’ve agreed on will fit perfectly. Then we order all the custom materials we’ll need for the job. Delivery usually takes 4-6 weeks.


The big day is finally here! Our goal is always to have your kitchen finished within a week of the first day of work, though certain factors – such as tile backsplashes – may extend that timeline by a day or two. Regardless, we’ll stick to the timeline we laid out, even if it means working late to get all the work done.

Walkthrough & Survey

As we are finishing the installation, we like to do a walkthrough of the kitchen with you to ensure that we have met or exceeded your expectations and to explain how new elements work. Then, we ask you to take a quick survey so we know how we did – and what we can improve – and to share your experience with others.

Price & Timeline Guiding Principle: Measure Twice, Cut Once

The biggest complaints homeowners have about their renovations – particularly when it comes to kitchens – is that they cost more than expected, or go on much longer than they’re supposed to. At Simple Kitchen, that’s never a concern for our clients. Once we’ve given you a price and a timeline, we’ll stick to them, no matter what. That’s the Simple Kitchen difference!

The Power of Focus: Kitchens Are Our Specialty!

At Simple Kitchen, we tore up the traditional remodeling playbook. We’ve learned that you have to specialize if you want to do the kind of job that will consistently make your customers happy, and we’ve designed our entire process around kitchen remodels and kitchen remodels only. We are not distracted by anything else.

It is this focus that gives us the freedom to think creatively about kitchen remodeling and to develop our unique process. If you have heard or experienced remodeling horror stories from other companies, you will be amazed at what we can do for your kitchen!

Questions about our process, or about getting your kitchen remodel started? Contact Simple Kitchen today!

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