Counter Island And Bright Kitchen In Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington Chef's Kitchen

How We Helped

Client's Needs:

In this Upper Arlington home, the kitchen felt dark and cramped. Deep brown wood was used for cabinets and a counter enclosed the space into a small area difficult to use. Along with few light sources, the kitchen uncomfortable to stay in.

Our Simple Solution

It was time for an overhaul: new cabinets, moving the window, redesigning the counter space and adding a storage-filled island. We were ready to transform this space from the ground up!

Before & After

Before & After

BEFORE our remodeling services
kitchen renovation in upper arlington
before kitchen renovation in upper arlington
after our kitchen remodeling services
new granite kitchen counter tops

A Brand New Outlook For This Kitchen

By installing LED can lights, we infused the space with a newfound brightness, making it a more open environment for meal prep and daily activities. Completing the transformation, we filled the space with elegant pendant lights, adding a touch of sophistication and tying together the overall look.


after our kitchen remodeling services

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