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Modern Kitchen Upgrade In Lewis Center

In Lewis Center, a couple decided to give their living space a fresh look through a comprehensive remodel. The kitchen took center stage in this transformation, with old cabinets making way for modern replacements. The countertops received an upgrade, now featuring a polished finish that added a touch of sophistication. The walls got a practical yet stylish addition: a new backsplash.

How We Helped

Client's Needs:

The couple identified a need for better storage solutions in the kitchen. Custom built-in utensil holders were introduced to the drawer spaces, turning them into organized storage areas for cooking tools. This simple addition made it easier to find and access necessary utensils, eliminating the frustration of searching through cluttered drawers.

Our Simple Solution

The outdated shelves were replaced with pull-out shelving, making the pantry more efficient and eliminating the challenge of reaching items buried at the back. The days of discovering forgotten food items in the depths of the pantry were over.

smart storage in pull out drawers to eliminate clutter

As the remodeling dust settled, the Lewis Center couple found themselves with a more organized and efficient living space. The kitchen and pantry, now streamlined and functional, matched the couple’s desire for a more comfortable and convenient home. The renovation was not just a cosmetic upgrade but a sensible reimagining of their living space that brought a renewed sense of order and ease to their daily routines.

complete kitchen renovation

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