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Countertop Installation & Lighting Refresh In Columbus

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Client's Needs:

The homeowners approached the kitchen renovation with a clear vision: they wanted to breathe new life into their culinary space without parting ways with their beloved existing cabinets. A desire for a quick refresh led us to a transformative design that seamlessly blended the old with the new.

Our Simple Solution

To kickstart the makeover, we opted for a stunning quartz countertop. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, quartz is renowned for its durability and low maintenance.  The bright, white countertop introduced an air of modernity, instantly uplifting the entire kitchen.

The clear seeded glass globes were chosen not only for their ability to provide ample light but also for their decorative flair. These globes became instant focal points, casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the space. The play of light and shadow added depth, creating an ambiance that was both welcoming and a simple way to add elegance.

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