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Refacing Vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

How To Choose The Best Option For Your Kitchen 

Worn-out, damaged and/or outdated kitchen cabinets can be either a mild annoyance or an eyesore that haunts a homeowner every single time they walk by them. Luckily, you have options when it comes to renovation: refacing or replacing. But that decision isn’t always an easy one! 

Before making that choice, you really need to consider two things: How much is your total project budget and can you live a happy life with the existing cabinet structure you have in front of you? Let’s take a closer look at how you can answer both of these questions so you can choose the right solution for you and your family! 

What Do YOU Want: Big, Structural Change or A Fresh Coat Of Paint?

Refacing allows you to save money by breathing new life into existing cabinets, but requires a decent amount of preparation and skill without allowing you to do more than swapping out colors and hardware fixtures. 

Replacing allows you to change up the entire look of the space (including layout), switch up the countertop materials and come closer to the kitchen of your dreams – but it does cost more. 

Cost Comparison: It Pays to Replace After Your First Refacing Project 

When done on your own, refacing is cheaper than replacing by about 40% on average; if you’re getting your cabinets professionally refaced, the difference in price can be quite slim when compared to replacing.

If you’re onto your second refacing project for the same set of cabinets, you’re likely running into some structural issues from general wear and tear over the years. Two back-to-back DIY refacing projects could call for some additional repairs before you start making aesthetic changes. At this point, you’re looking at spending 80% of what you would have on a completely new set of cabinets along with everything else necessary for proper maintenance. 

Replacing vs. Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Do You Want Another DIY? 

The kitchen is one of the major congregation points of the home. It’s where you start your day with a cup of coffee, where you come together as family as you make your meals and it can be another centerpiece of weekend entertainment. Many homeowners are ambitious do-it-yourselfers and we admire that energy! We’ve seen some incredible DIY projects in our day. However, with the kitchen being such an integral part of daily life, the smallest of blemishes may stand out more than they would in, say, a closet, the basement or in the guest bedroom. 

When it comes to heavier lifting projects like kitchen cabinet renovation, we ask our clients: Is it worth the extra stress for a color change and some dollars saved? Or would you rather spring for a dream kitchen scene – performed by accountable kitchen cabinet renovation specialists – that will last significantly longer? 

The Conclusion: Refacing Adds Fashion, Not Function – Replacing Does Both 

Do you have additional questions about refacing vs. replacing kitchen cabinets or the pros and cons of each? Don’t feel like going through the pains of refacing your cabinets yourself? Get in touch with Simple Kitchen today and we’ll help guide you in the right direction! 

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